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Niall Ferguson: Keynesian Economics Flawed Because Keynes Was Gay, Childless

Posted by devilsapprentice on May 14, 2013

Yes you are so historically correct we should forget all reactionary Gay involvement thorough out history simply because they are Gay as if no Gay can be criminal nor reactionary as in many were involved in the Nazi Brownshirt movement that it conveniently forgotten: Which one can ask why? Because Gays are so much a constituency of the current political landscape whereby they have elevated themselves often in support of the status quo much as Roy Cohen did in his association with Joseph McCarthy did at the expense of others.

Am I intellectual I do not even address that issue as it is irrelevant for as the facts speak for themselves in what I present as truth and you present as mere snotty conjecture as yours is the rant of hatred in microcosm not mine for you despise the facts as Obama the Clintons and Tony Blair are all great reactionary Republicans just as you and George W Bush are.
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