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Super Delegates Nominate Hillary Clinton

Posted by devilsapprentice on June 4, 2008

Super Delegates Nominate Hillary Clinton


The title some what fictitious but the reality of possibilities is not very far from the truth.


With all the misplaced enthusiasm of adolescent perceptions in a political reality stating the world is what it is supposed to be (but is not so don’t hold your breath)  the world is held captive in the turmoil generated by a corporate media that seems to hold little value in truth.


To judge the world by the headlines of the corporate media and most others that maintain those views which hold us prisoner to falsehood:


Thinking that “Barack Obama has locked up the Democratic Party nomination for the 2008 Presidential  election” in what is misplaced because in truth that is the farthest thing from the truth unless you support the business as usual crowd for maintaining the status quo.


“Barack Obama has locked up the Democratic Party nomination for the 2008 Presidential  election “


Is that really so? Is that way the Democratic Party will do it? Or is that what some would have us think in what is the jockeying for positioning related to the final voting.


One Super delegate offered his vote for sale for supposed altruistic reasons I am sure he is not the only one.


What all the wonderful over paid, over educated, over played, over valued, and worthless spin doctors and pundits (mainly of the mainstream corporate media) fail to state is that due to the brilliance of the National Democratic Party and its rules:


Super delegates on which Barack Obama is based can vote for whom ever they feel like in views that can change as often as those delegates can change their mind in preference up until the moment they vote at the National Democratic Party Convention for as long as it takes to reach a successful conclusion.


Imagine the possible headlines:


“Super delegates nominate FDR to run again with Bonzo as his running mate, as FDR is brought back to life due to advanced DNA cloning”


I do not agree with the super delegate system but as a realistic observer I am cognizant of it as a reality of real circumstances not imagined ones.


In theory the super delegates do not have to vote for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.


So why have so many mainstream media sources chosen to illuminate us with such falsehoods, to simplify the political landscape so we can receive their simplified views in what is once again dumb and dumber?


Surely they will rationalize truthfully that most likely delegates will do this and that but not once will they challenge the underpinnings of on which all that political trash and waste is based!


Why is it that the most complicated country in the world embroiled in every corner of the world with the most subversive of intrigues is summarized into the most simplistic of explanations that most of the time is simply untrue and false, unethical and immoral?


Let us ask what Jesus would do!

Let us ask what Buddha would say!

Let us ask what ET would say and do!


But most of all let us ask why has America declined to such a low point of ignorant discussion as is maintain in the mainstream media.


The fact of the matter is that without super delegates neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama has enough support to be nominated as the rules currently stand. As Barack Obama has 1,765½ delegates (52%) and Hillary Clinton 1,639½ (48%) with approx 690 super delegates deciding the outcome as it now stands though that means the Democratic Party is not expressing the will of the people but the established circles of power..


But who says that being democratic or republican means one is supposed to be fair and egalitarian?


But do I hear anyone except myself discussing or calling for the elimination of the super delegate system?




The fact of the matter remains that if the super delegates decide in convention to change their votes to support Hillary Clinton she will become the Democratic Party’s nominee albeit one without a full mandate from the people just like Barack Obama will not have a mandate of the people if he was nominated on which grounds I oppose them as weak wasteful candidates currently destined for defeat.


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$5,000 BET: How to become a Billionaire! Or My Perfect Computer, Perfect Computer?

Posted by devilsapprentice on March 26, 2008

How to become a Billionaire!

Or My Perfect Computer, Perfect Computer?

By Andrew Stergiou, March 26 2008.

First off to show the seriousness of what I propose I bet the computer industry that it will never be able to satisfy the reasonable spirit of this article so there for to show that computer industry for the corrupt bastards they are I bet them $5,000 they will never come up with a personal computer to satisfy my needs:

Without accompanying it with problems, bugs, of need to call tech support, my having to waste time on their crummy lousy ill designed products for the IBM compatible personal computer market.

Where is my perfect computer? I started out back in 1988 using a Commodore 64 personal computer that was toted by the industry of movers and shakers as one of the latest and great developments that was part of a wave of the future before us in personal computers.

I imagine as many people do the CEOs of computer companies lording over their minions as if it were in the “James Bond” Movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” as the evil mastermind asks:

“Mr Jones are we ready to release our new software?

Yes Sir, as requested it is full of bugs, which means they would be  forced to update for years!”

“Excellent!” answered the evil nemesis.

The Commodore 64 like all computers of the times then were full of bugs and problems, with machines and software that never really worked in harmony as promised.

As  personal computering was still the domain of the elite of white upper middle class techie geeks and as people were expected to hack they way into functionality with maybe only 5,000,000 Americans online at that time nationwide. Nothing in a real sense has changed as personal computers are still full of bugs and problems.

Then I moved on to the next step up by the Commodore Business Machines Corporation the Commodore 128 with some improved speed, and functionality but still none the better with bugs and problems for their new proud owners as users to get those machines to live up to their expectations of what they were promised and sold on by advertising that was less than honest.

I then continued moving up purchasing for I seem to remember $1350  a cool top of the line Chinese built IBM XT Clone with a 40 Megabyte Mitsubishi hard drive and a v.90 Modem that was fast humming at a speed of 41.8K  or 32 to 50 times slower that the current speed  of broadband DSL modem speeds so generally we can say that personal computers have improved.

But though they have improved over the many years, with billions spent on the information technology industry those personal computers never ever functioned without problems and we should ask could they ever function without the major problems and bugs that they generally have been associated in the public’s mind and to which we have become all to accustomed to.

James Taranto (currently an associate editor for the Wall Street Journal) Tuesday, August 7, 1990, in writing for the New York City Tribune, about me (as part of the hysteria he exudes from every pore as the McCarthyite  type of conservative who oozes the hyperboles of bad taste and the bad residuals of a bad Catholic pre-Vatican II upbringing of God, country, the church, Franco, and McCarthy, in a Cold war hysteria) even as the cold war was ending stated  back in 1990 called me an Internet  pioneer\These Marxist Hacks Are Hackers, Too

Online pioneers of the kooky left.

Well eighteen years later with all the common lies and deceptions spread like manure by these cold wars, I think I am allowed to look in retrospect of how what their society fashioned by the propagandas machines of false promises and deceptions on how they have lived up to they promise, or promises as I find them severely lacking.

We were promised a plethora of benefits from the cornucopia of a technological boom with the dawning of the age of the personal computer but in speaking with a Canadian Technical Support  Representative for Verizon and their Supervisor on asking:

Has there ever been, or have you ever heard of a personal computer that was made that came up to the industry current standards of application and ability (in 2008) that was without defect, flaw or bugs?

And again I was reminded of the “James Bond” Movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” and the evil nemesis because the tech support representative, and her supervisor both answered as I did in the negative.

For there was never a basic all round applicable useful personal ever made that was ever made that was operable without the user wasting valuable protection production time on trouble shooting what should of never been a problem and resolved at the design level.

So vehemently I lamented to those tech reps that over the last five years for all the time I spent trouble shooting my personal computer I hated and resisted calling them for anything and fixed it all myself.  That I was paid at a rate of even a minimum wage of $10 and hour that I could of bought a brand new luxury car.  For in all time I had to waste that was lost in non productivity labor, with a greater cumulative effect that those technical problems diminished my over all ability to reinvest my own labor in bigger and greater projects as part of the economy:

The computer industry has been destroying the economy of small artists and entrepreneurs so daring as to attempt all proficiency in all aspects of computer technology that affected they professions.

I developed and came up when the retort I would pay twice what I paid for my $450 Acer laptop, or the Hewlet-Packard  personal computer, and laptop.

So then I upped the ante to five times the price on the basic personal computer.

Then I started dreaming, and said to myself what would be willing to pay for a personal computer that I could use and operate without incurring all these problems. As I was an artist, producer, musician, small publisher, and writer, I never wanted to get sucked into using computers, but had to in order to keep up with the trends and competition. I never wanted to become a computer engineer, but I was forced to understand my computer because whereas an artist, or writer for a big established company could call up for technical and go on writing I could not unless I bought more than the usually two computer that I had on hand (one desktop, and one laptop)

I started thinking:

Usually I did not buy the lowest level personal computer because I wanted all practical features and as much functionality as it could muster, nor did purchase the highest level PC since never again did I want to be financing that high end of the design curve where the first customers were the ones that financed the start of new trends. I wanted a highly dependable middle of the road personal computer.

Then I said with all the time I have wasted, it would be worth it to pay ten times the current price of my personal computer to have a personal computer for ten years that I could use with fully functionality and no problems.




You hate that can say that and I can make it stick regardless of all the fancy convoluted answers you excuse your pitiful stinks asses with.

So if you are still listening after that emotional release, I suggest, propose, and bet that the general home professional entrepreneur market that should a computer would be worth at minimum at least a BILLION DOLLARS in generated sales for the company willing to develop a personal computer in satisfaction of my needs over a period of ten years.

So I bet $5000 that you jerks can not (I repeat can not) develop a personal computer that would stay comtemporary and up to date and not malfunction over a period of ten years during my use without exception or 100% guaranteed I get my money back guarantee.

And the bonus prize is you gain market share of at least a billion dollars in computer sales of like minded serious computer consumers such as myself.

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